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This isn’t freedom, this is fear.

Who the hell is Bucky?

I never said pilot.

I find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

You need to keep both eyes opened. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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kittyraven asked
Imagine Bucky Barnes, after coming back to live in the avengers tower,loves really really fluffy sucks, he has a ton of them in his and Steve's room. This mornings choice is a Black and red striped pair. He goes downstairs. Tony is there. Cue sass.


Besides just being really damn cozy, Bucky loves his fluffy sock collection for two very important reasons: because they are exactly the opposite of everything cold and unfeeling that HYDRA ever gave him… and because he can wear them without shoes on and no one ever hears him coming.  (well, Natasha probably could but he’s not reckless enough to test that theory.)

So when he wakes up on a Saturday morning to the smell of freshly baked cookies, slips on his favorite red and black striped socks (the red matches his arm), and creeps down the stairs to find no one in sight except Tony, who is engrossed in a rather loud movie with cartoon fish (and, more importantly, facing away from both the stairs and the kitchen), Bucky knows he can sneak to the oven and be back in the bedroom eating cookies with Steve before anyone even notices they’re missing.

He glides past the back of the couch in expertly practiced silence, reaches the kitchen without a hitch, immediately spots his prize sitting on the stove.  Careful not to make a sound, he reaches out with his right arm and—

"Don’t even think about it, Barnes!"

Bucky’s hand freezes in midair, hovering over a cooling rack full of oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodles.  He’d been watching Tony out of the corner of his eye the entire time, is certain his head never so much as flinched.

He quickly draws his hand back and leans his hip against the edge of the counter with what he hopes is a super charming (and at least slightly innocent) smile as Tony pauses the movie and joins him in the kitchen.  “Think about what?”

"We’re onto you."

Bucky’s grin is unthwarted “We?”

"For future reference: swearing JARVIS to secrecy only works when you actually remember to do it every single time.  I mean, it took a bit of work, I’ll admit, but it was really just a matter of going down the list… the donuts last week that disappeared with a trace…?  Rhodey’s half-eaten birthday cake…?  Those peach turnovers Pepper ordered from the French bakery last month that she swore she left on the counter…?  Basically, he spilled all the beans."

Tony is half expecting Bucky to attempt to make some silly excuses or try to lie his way out of it, but instead, his lips just spread even wider and a sly little twinkle flashes in his eyes.  “Well, if we’re going down the list… that raspberry cheesecake Steve bought for your birthday was delicious.”

"Yeah, Mackie is…a special guy. He’s just got such a gregarious nature, and so full of energy; I don’t know where he gets it! I don’t know how he sustains it! But when he’s on set everyone’s smiling, and when he’s not there after a few days you say ,’Where’s Mackie?’. He just breathes life into his environment." - Chris Evans



if you haven’t read “man out of time”, please read it because it has everything you need.

it had bucky barnes being fabulous.

it has cute li’l artist steve

it has cute sleepy li’l steve and bucky being so done with him

it has death defying stunts that may or may not end in death…


Motivational Marvel: Character transformations, and the words that inspired them to summon the best of their being, at pivotal moments. *click pics to read

Personally, my go-to quotes, when I’m feeling down. Hope this helps someone else, too. Not a perfect set, but at least I figured out how to do it. I’m pleased with that, at the least.

Have a good evening.


Post-CATWS Bucky has trouble adjusting to casual touch. Steve is gentle.


Post-CATWS Bucky has trouble adjusting to casual touch. Steve is gentle.